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Customize Creativity, Break the Norms



​离网生活的兴起, 体现了现代人追求更自由、更具探索精神和更平衡的生活方式



Lockr Inc 洛克建筑成立于2014年,近十年专注于大多地区的实战经验,让我们打造了一支经验丰富、高效率的专业团队,无论是翻新家居、升级居住空间,还是提升商业空间,洛克建筑保证提供高质、高效、高能的服务。



"对我而言, 我们的工作不仅仅是一项机械性的施工工程,它代表着一种创意和灵感的始发地,将品味、个性、情调、视觉美和空间感完美地结合在一起,最终赋予建筑物以独特的气质和灵魂"


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North York, Ontario

"I highly recommend Lockr construction team! We live in Montreal and it’s our first time investing in a property in Toronto. We were worried about the renovation process from such a distance. Yet from the very beginning Mr Sun inspired my trust with his professional and courteous attitude. With his e design taste and rich experience in renovation, he made just the right recommendations as to the construction plan, choice of material, and even matching of colours. This has in turn greatly simplified our tasks. And the end result was amazing: we were able to rent out the two units under their renovation within two weekends! Their work was conducted in a timely and professional manner. The material they used was of great quality and value for money. Mr Sun attended our questions, concerns and requests with the promptness and diligence comparable to a friend. It has been such a great experience working with him. I feel sincerely very thankful to him and his team"





星期一 - 星期五

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

111 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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